Herpesvirus dermatitis — a dangerous ailment. Treatment, symphtoms, photo

Characteristic features of HD
Why does herpesvirus dermatitis appear?
How to detect HD?
Herpesvirus dermatitis in children
How to diagnose disease?
How to get rid of herpesvirus dermatitis?
Traditional medicine advice
Preventive measures for HD

Characteristic features of HD

An organism weakened by chronic diseases is easily affected by a herpes simplex virus. The risk group includes people who have undergone complex surgical operations, patients with AIDS, carriers of a hereditary trait at the gene level.

In the photo herpes on the lip of an adult patient:

Herpetic dermatitis (herpes) on the lips
Herpetic dermatitis (herpes) on the lips of an adult patient

Herpesvirus dermatitis can manifest itself in various forms:

  • Papular — papules appear on the skin.
  • Bullous — looks like thermal burns with the appearance of blisters.
  • Vesicular — rash takes the form of vesicles.
  • Urticaria-like — rash looks like nettle traces.
  • Paraoncological — with carcinogenic oncological manifestations.
  • Eczematous, strophuloid, trichophyton — the rarest form, belongs to the atypical group.

DG is divided into the following types:

  1. Congenital.
  2. Acquired.

The disease affects the skin of such organs:

  • Limbs.
  • Facial area.
  • Loins.
  • Groin.

Sometimes it affects the mucosa, the mouth, eyes, some internal organs, nervous system, genitalia.

According to ICD-10, the disease is classified: / A00-B99 CLASS I Certain infectious and parasitic diseases / B00-B09 Viral infections characterized by skin and mucous membranes lesions / B00 Herpesviral [herpes simplex] infections.

The pathogenesis of HD is the ability of the herpes virus to penetrate the skin, where it rapidly multiplies and kills epithelial cells, forming foci of necrosis.

It is worth noting that the herpes virus is present in more than 90% of people. If the body has strong protective power, the illness passes in 7-10 days and does not manifest itself for many years. If the HD appears in a person with weak immunity (HIV, other serious infectious diseases), the illness is a serious danger.

The most important threatening feature of skin disease is the ability of a viral infection to spread rapidly. When the effluent contaminated fluid from the burst vesicles enters the healthy epithelium, it infects the area. In addition, if the skin barrier is broken, the virus enters the bloodstream and affects the nerve endings. Thus, it permanently settles in the body, penetrating into the structure of the cell, takes root in it. As soon as changes occur in the organs and systems functioning, immunity decreases, relapses are observed.

Why does herpesvirus dermatitis appear?

The nature of its appearance is obvious — it is herpes. But why it shows its activity is not precisely defined until now. So far, the reasons are based on theoretical assumptions:

  1. Genetic predisposition.
  2. Autoimmune reactions.
  3. The presence of malignant tumors.
  4. Infectious diseases.
  5. Viral infections.
  6. Ascariasis.
  7. Hypersensitivity to gluten and/or iodine.
  8. The consequence of vaccinations.
  9. Exposure to extreme cold or heat.
  • Physical and emotional overload.
  • Immune weakening.
  • Disorders of the digestive tract.
  • Malfunctions in the lymphatic system.
  • Intoxication.

If HD arises on the background of a carcinogenic tumor, the disease refers to oncological dermatitis.

How to detect HD?

Before the appearance of the rash, the person feels the approach of the disease, he weakens, fever appears, tingling is felt on certain parts of the body. After a short period, skin swells, reddens, a pink border appears near the affected round or oval areas. The rash has various features regarding the form of the disease: a small one to 5 mm (0.2 inches) in diameter (vesicular) or large (bullous), which are up to 2 cm (0.79 inches).

Inside the bubbles and blisters, the liquid is transparent, then it becomes cloudy, and pus is visible when infected.

With papular HD, the skin flakes, causing intense itching, soreness, followed by burning. It is very important to have the patience for long-term herpes treatment in order to prevent or make relapses rarer.

Pregnant women have significant changes in the body, especially in the endocrine and immune systems. The beginning of the second trimester is the most favorable period for the disease. It happens in a rather complicated form. At first, small bubbles are formed, then they merge into huge blisters. After spontaneous opening, the body becomes covered with a crust. Deep skin lesions (cracks, erosion) leave scars, pigment changes.

In addition to external manifestations, diarrhea and problems in the thyroid may occur.

Herpesvirus dermatitis in children

Skin disease is often manifested at a younger age. Within 8 days the virus goes through an incubation period. The oral mucosa in childhood is affected more often than in adulthood. Such disease is very similar to stomatitis and is manifested in the following sequence:

  1. High temperature — 39 °C (102.2 °F).
  2. Chills.
  3. Enhanced salivation.
  4. Bad mouth breath.
  5. The mucosa is covered with bubbles from 2 mm (0.08 inches) to 1 cm (0.4 inches).
  6. Wounds occur after opening the blisters.
  7. The child is in pain.
  8. Lack of appetite.
  9. Reduced body weight.
  10. Diarrhea.
  11. Dehydration.

The temperature lasts up to 5 days. After 1-2 weeks, the disease subsides, but with the full course of treatment. If a baby ever gets sick with such a disease, the herpes virus will forever remain in the body and can make itself felt at any time when favorable conditions for its development appear.

In the photo, herpetic dermatitis in children:

herpes on skin
herpes on skin child

How to diagnose disease?

The initial examination of a dermatologist, who studies the skin and mucous membranes, makes it possible to make a presumptive diagnosis. To make the final decision, however, other diagnostic methods are carried out, including laboratory tests of the blood, the contents of the blisters, and particles of the affected epithelium.

More detailed information is given by conducting a Jadassohn test. Potassium iodide with petroleum jelly is applied for a day to a clean area of the skin. If under a compress there will be rashes in the form of vesicles and papules, it means that the probability of HD diagnosis increases. If the surface of the body remains unchanged, the test is repeated after 2 days. In addition, in order to prevent an erroneous decision, the patient is offered to take iodine inwards and observe the body’s reaction: when symptoms worsen, the disease is confirmed.

An increased number of eosinophils in the blood also states the presence of HD.

Direct immunofluorescence is a histological examination of the affected skin material. It makes possible to find out whether there are immunoglobulins in the body, antibodies A, and whether eosinophils and neutrophils are under the top layer of skin.

Conduct an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to detect the presence of M and lgG antibodies.

To exclude cancer the next methods are used:

  • Ultrasound.
  • X-rays.
  • Computed tomography of the internal organs.

After collecting a full history, the doctor analyzes all the details. If all the symptoms and indicators of research confirm his preliminary conjectures, the doctor not only establishes a diagnosis of herpesvirus dermatitis but also determines its type and stage in order to make more precise appointments.

Treatment of HD in adults and children requires an integrated approach.

Herpes on the face in child
Herpes on the face in child

How to get rid of herpesvirus dermatitis?

After the final diagnosis, the doctor develops an individualized treatment course in the complex. What it will be, depends on the form and type of the disease, the age and physiological characteristics of the patient. In any case, it is inextricably linked to the gluten-free diet.

Drug therapy is based on taking sulfonamides and sulfones, such as Sulfapyridine, Diucifon, Dapsone. The doctor takes into account the side effects of these drugs that reduce hemoglobin. Therefore, folic acid and vitamin B12 are prescribed to prevent anemia.

If necessary, hormonal agents (Dexamethasone and Prednisone) can be prescribed.

The complex treatment also includes antihistamines: Aerius, Claritin, Fenistil.

To promote skin regeneration Solcoseryl and Sea buckthorn oil can be used.

For the inflammatory process suspending — Indomethacin, systemic enzymes.

Based on the viral nature of the disease, the appropriate drugs will be needed, such as Aciclovir, Interferon alfa-2b, Viralex.

For the treatment of cracks, erosion, ulcers, antiseptics are used: brilliant green, Carbol fuchsin and other external forms with a drying effect.

Immunomodulators — Neovir, Poludanum, Prodigiosanum, Ridostin, Cycloferon, Pyrogenalum, antioxidants, probiotics.

The therapeutic diet leads to the exclusion of products containing gluten: rye, oats, barley, wheat. Foods containing cocoa, walnuts, milk and iodine products are not allowed. Alcoholic beverages must be completely abandoned as well.

The diet should contain greens, fruits, vegetables, buckwheat, rice, corn.

Traditional medicine advice

The authority of traditional medicine remains at the proper height, but it is possible to use its methods only after consulting with representatives of traditional medicine.

As you know, plants such as licorice, juniper, sea buckthorn, knotweed, calendula, have not only anti-inflammatory but also antihistamine properties.

Ointment of belladonna

In pork inner fat (2 parts), belladonna (1 part) is added, sent to the oven (90 degrees) for 5-6 hours. Lubricate the painful lesions.

Broths to strengthen the immune system

A decoction of Eleutherococcus is easy to prepare. A tablespoon of dried leaves is poured with a glass of boiling water, brought to a boil and left for 2-2.5 hours.

Ginseng, dog rose and echinacea medicine can be prepared in a similar way.

Vivifying infusions

The above-mentioned herbs can be prepared as an infusion with vodka. Just pour 1 cup of dry material with 500 ml of vodka and leave for at least 10 hours. Filtered product is used to cauterize wounds, cracks, and ulcers.

Preventive measures for HD

The main condition for prevention is to apply a healthy lifestyle. This approach ensures the maintenance of immunity at a high level. It is especially important to prevent the decrease of protective functions at the moment when the body is subject to additional loads, like the state of pregnancy, menopause, chronic diseases, transfer of surgical operations.

Toughening procedures (cold shower for example) are especially helpful for children.

If you find such features as hypersensitivity to various stimuli, in particular, products containing gluten and iodine, you should follow a gluten-free diet.

For those who have suffered herpesvirus dermatitis, it is important to prevent relapses, so you should regularly undergo a routine examination by a dermatologist and other specialized doctors, depending on the cause of the illness. With the pathology of the oral mucosa, visit the dentist; in case of the eye, mucosa ophthalmologist should help. If the central nervous system is affected, then visit neuropathologist, if genitals — gynecologist.

It is important to understand that the earlier you seek medical help, the higher the probability of getting rid of such a serious illness. After all, the considered type of the disease requires complex therapy, regardless of the severity.

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